How to Clean Ingenico Terminals

How to clean Ingenico card readers

Cleaning Card Technology - Ingenico POS Terminals

Ingenico Merchant Cleaning Kit

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Approved for:
All Ingenico POS terminals.

Other Ingenico POS Terminal
Cleaning Suggestions:

Ingenico Maintenance Cleaning Kit

Ingenico Maintenance Cleaning Kit
This kit is for businesses that have multiple Ingenico card readers.

Ingenico Cleaning Card

Ingenico Cleaning Card
Clean Ingenico card readers.

Ingenico Dual Wipe Kit

Ingenico Dual Wipe Kit
Clean Ingenico card reader chassis and screens.

Ingenico Merchant Cleaning Kit

KWING-KMC1 - 6 Cleaning Cards & 12 Wipes per Kit

Use this product to clean Ingenico card reader terminals of all makes and models.

This Ingenico Merchant Cleaning Kit contains six (6) cleaning cards and twelve (12) dual wipes, both approved by Ingenico to help maintain their terminals. The Ingenico Cleaning Card is versatile and can be used to clean both the smart card and magnetic stripe readers. This quick and simple to use product was designed to remove foreign contaminants that can inhibit the equipments contact with the credit card. The Ingenico Dual Wipes were designed to safely clean the chassis and screen on the Ingenico terminal, as well as any monitor, plasma screen, laptop, PDA, etc. It has one wet wipe for cleaning and a dry wipe to remove any remaining moisture and residue.

Ingenico part number 296118778.

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Watch the video: How to Clean an Ingenico Card Terminal with an Ingenico Card Terminal Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®

1. Insert cleaning card into smart card reader 5-6 times.

2. Swipe cleaning card through magnetic stripe reader 5-6 times.

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