Why Clean Your Equipment?

You now have the missing piece…

“… rare are those who relate cleaning their equipment to improved operational efficiency”

Every corporation, every enterprise, every facility, is reliant on their technology to engage, service and transact with their customers. Any inoperable device at any level slows down or halts their ability to do business. And they lose money. Studies have proven that, often, devices aren’t broken, they’re just dirty.

Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance has proven to:

  • Decrease costly service calls
  • Increase the life of device components
  • Decrease buildup of contaminants and adhesives
  • Increase operational and device efficiency
  • Decrease equipment downtime and logistics back-up
  • Increase operational revenue – Downtime is Money!

Advantages of Waffletechnology®

  • Cleaning waffles are designed to provide a thorough cleaning
  • Cleaning waffles have four times more cleaning contact than flat cards
  • Waffletechnology® cards are economically more valuable than flat cards

Waffletechnology features are proven to remove more debris per cleaning…which saves time & money.

  • Rounded Waffles for cleaning leading edge
  • Flat Areas for Polishing
  • Scrubbing Waffles breakdown stubborn debris
  • Flat Areas for Polishing
  • Pull Tab/Position tab