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How To Clean a Burroughs Check Scanner|Video

1. Remove the franker ink roller (if present). Place the cleaning card in the document feeder and slide the leading edge forward to the end of the feeder bay, keeping the bottom edge flat along the feeder floor.

2. Adjust the check limit to accommodate the length of the cleaning card. With endorsement and franking turned off in your application (the Burroughs Exerciser program may be used), run the cleaning card through the transport as you would a regular document.

3. Run the cleaning card through the unit 3-6 times. Turn the card end for end and flip top to bottom for each pass. Discard the used cleaning card.

4. Terminate the application. Reinstall the franker roller if removed, and replace the covers.

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Check scanners and document scanners are used in banks at the teller counter or back office and in businesses with remote deposit capture (RDC) operations. Cleaning cards are designed to clean the lenses, rollers and check paths without dismantling the equipment. The cleaning cards remove dust, oils and debris that accumulate during normal operation. Equipment should be cleaned weekly or every 2000 scans.

By not cleaning, you risk increased:

  • Transaction failures resulting in lower customer confidence
  • Labor costs to reconcile poor images Higher maintenance costs
  • Inconvenient unplanned downtime
  • Rejected transactions based on poor image quality
  • Embarrassing equipment malfunctions
  • Frantic repair attempts in front of customers

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