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How to Clean a Card Reader|Video

1. Insert or swipe card 2 times, flip card over and repeat.

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Card readers can be found in a number of varieties, including EMV smart card (chip and pin) readers, POS credit and debit card readers, ATM card readers, mobile payment solutions and access control/hotel door locks. Use a cleaning card once per week to help avoid misreads.

By not cleaning, you risk:

  • Embarrassing equipment malfunctions
  • Slower transactions and long lines that will frustrate your customers
  • Higher transaction fees and potential fraud due to manual entries
  • Decreasing employee efficiency Increased costs associated with equipment service or exchange
  • Making a poor first impression with dirty equipment

KICTeam Mission Statement:

Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative disposables that reduce maintenance & ownership cost

We work closely with our partners to educate the market about theĀ  benefits of using our disposables.