How to Clean Your Sensitive Screens

How to Clean LCD, Plasma, iPhone, iPad's and Screens

Cleaning Card Technology - Screen Cleaning Wipes

Screen Cleaning Wipes

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Approved for:
All types of screens such as
Plasma/LCD Screens
Drive Thru Headsets
Drive Thru Coin Dispensers
Digital Menu Boards
Digital Photo Screens
and Outer Device Casing

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LCD, Plasma, iPad, iPhone Screen Wipes

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Screen Cleaning Wipes

Use this product to clean devices of all types.

This cleaning wipe was designed to safely clean any monitor, LCD screen, plasma screen, touchscreen, iPhone, iPad, laptop, PDA, etc. These wipes are saturated with EnVanish™ Screen Cleaner and take the guess work out of which item is safe for your monitor or equipment cleaning. The wipes will not scratch or leave residue – antistatic property added.

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Legacy Product: EZ Screen Wipes Dual Wet/Dry Solution Wipes